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What makes us different


Indeed, most of our new appointments arise from recommendations. So we work hard to get your business and even harder to keep it; but beyond this there are some specific things you should consider.


We provide the best value for money services, which should ensure the overall costs of your Service Charge are cheaper than any of our competitors.

Our fees are not the lowest, but they are clear and transparent.


We are fully independent and run for the benefit of our residents.

We have no financial interest in the Insurance broker we work with (Ferndale Insurance Services Limited) and none of our clients have any interests in us. We use independent contractors for the provision of all services. Contractors are chosen based on the price and quality of their services, Contractors do not pay us to be on an approved list. Many of our competitors cannot say the same and some even use their own staff with huge profit margins built in.


In this business if you get too big the service level always gets lost – and financial issues seem to follow.

If you are too small you will not be able to invest in the systems required to comply with legislation, the back-up cover for sickness and holidays or gain the economies of scale that keep costs down. As such you want a firm that is like Goldilocks – not too big and not too small, we think this number is between 20 to 35,000 homes.



We have 25 years’ experience of property management with the systems and staff to get it right.

Property Management is now covered by a substantial amount of legislation and a smooth talking property manager, without the ability to comply with the boring legislation will get you into hot water. Get the billing wrong, the accounts sent out a week late or if the Consultation procedures are not followed it could cost you a lot. Some property managers errors have resulted in hundreds of thousands of pounds of losses to themselves and their clients. In an RTM environment the residents may have to pay for these errors.


We offer a very personal service. We will tailor our service to meet your requirements.

Each block/estate will have an experienced Property Manager assigned to it, who can be easily contacted and will be familiar with your property. They will be supported by competent Administration and Accounts staff that complete the capable and helpful Remus team. We don’t have voicemail and we don’t have call centres – we guarantee we you will talk to a real person (and they will always be based in the UK).

Meet the Senior Management

  • Geoff Robson
    Geoff Robson Assoc. RICS, MIRPM, Cert. CIH

    Managing Director & New Business

    Geoff has worked with Remus since 1993 and has been fundamental in the company’s growth strategy.

  • Sebastian Church
    Sebastian Church FCA

    Finance & Strategy

    Sebastian is a Fellow of The Institute of Chartered Accountants in England & Wales, he has worked in the leasehold residential property sector since 1988.


  • Fiona Barnett
    Fiona Barnett Assoc. RICS MIRPM

    Head of Property Management

    Fiona has worked with Remus since 1993. She is responsible for driving forward our property management capabilities. She is a long standing member of the IRPM and an associate member of the RICS.

  • IRPM Qualified Regional managers
    IRPM Qualified Regional managers Heads of our 8 Regional Offices

    Our 8 IRPM Qualified Regional Managers have more than 100 years of experience in residential property management between them, as well as being an invaluable part of the management team they also are your first point of contact if you are not totally happy with our service.

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