We are able to offer a specialised service for Developers of blocks of flats across the whole spectrum of development issues, covering new build to period conversions.

New build or conversion?

We can work with the Developer from the planning stage, to formulate leases and services including:

  • Advice on the structure of the leases and the terms contained therein to produce workable leases that will assist in the future management of the development
  • Ensure that the contents of the lease protect the interests of the freeholder and purchasers of the flats
  • Preparation of the projected Service Charge expenditure
  • Drawing up service contracts with sub-contractors such as gardeners and cleaners
  • Negotiate and implement buildings insurance
  • Ensure practical issues are considered at the planning stage, such as security systems, the siting of refuse bin areas and the provision of parking and mail boxes etc
  • Engage caretakers, porters, concierge etc
  • Formation of a Management Company if one is to be owned by Lessees and issue of Share Certificates as flats are sold
  • Liaison with Solicitors, Sales Representatives and others to provide relevant information as required

Company Selling

If it is Company policy to sell the freehold interest, we can:

  1. advise on Ground Rent levels to achieve the maximum return on the sale of the freehold
  2. introduce the Developer to Companies who purchase Ground Rents
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