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We are responsible for the maintenance of the main structure of the building, e.g. roof and external walls, and also the general upkeep of the estate.

Certain parts of your property can be shared by all the Residents (i.e. halls, stairways, gardens etc.) and obviously someone has to be responsible for the proper upkeep of these areas.

Under the terms of your lease these functions are the duty of the freeholder/management company, who has appointed Remus to act on its behalf. The costs of such repairs and maintenance are recovered from the individual Leaseholders in the proportions detailed in your lease.

What we do

Our exact duties will vary according to the individual leases (or deeds in the case of Freehold houses) and the properties themselves but mainly will consist of:

  • Preparing a budget of likely expenditure prior to the beginning of each year so that Lessees have an indication of likely costs
  • Ensuring that adequate insurance is in place to cover rebuilding costs
  • Arranging for repairs and renewals as they fall due
  • Arranging for the cleaning and lighting of the Common Parts (hallways, staircases, etc.)
  • Arranging for gardening of the communal grounds
  • Arranging for lift maintenance, intercoms (where appropriate)
  • Arranging for external and internal redecorations as they become due
  • Appointing and overseeing wardens/managers/caretakers (if applicable

As well as actually organising all the above, we will visit the property from time to time to ensure that work is being carried out satisfactorily and to see if further work is needed.

A major part of the service is maintaining records of all payments and receipts for each property, dealing with individual Leaseholders queries, and also liaising with your solicitors when you are contemplating selling your property.

We are not responsible for the repairs to the interior of your individual property or any design faults in the original construction or conversion.

Property Managers

We allocate to each property an individual Manager who visits on a regular basis, is familiar with the particular property and creates a liaison and communication between us and you (along with any Residents Associations). They will be generally responsible for the day to day activities relating to the upkeep of each property supported by our Accounts and other centralised functions at our head office in Salisbury.

We also have Assistant Property Managers who will arrange and co-ordinate minor items of repair to the common areas. Though your designated Property Manager will keep a watching brief on your property as a whole, it is to the Assistant Property Manager that you should report minor repairs that require attention.

When larger items of planned maintenance are due we use external specialist, Ellis Sloane & Co. who will see to all the necessary arrangements and procedures in relation to the project management of the works and the consultation required by the Landlord & Tenant act legislation.

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