Fire precautions

Important information: Fire precautions & emergency plan for apartment blocks

Please read carefully as death, injury & legal liability may result from failure to comply.

If you have a balcony of any type, please also read our health & safety Balconies Guidelines. 

Leaseholder responsibilities & requirements

You are responsible for the following:

  • Fire prevention
  • Fire detection by maintaining smoke detectors according to manufacturers instructions
  • Evacuation of all people in your apartment

If you sublet the apartment you must ensure that all your tenants are familiar with and understand this information. As a requirement of your leasehold you must consider the following matters in accordance with current Fire Regulations and Guidance. Failure to follow this guidance will put the lives of yourself and others at risk.

Alterations to your apartment: do not make any alterations to your apartment which may reduce its ability to withstand or contain a fire, for example, drilling holes through walls.

  • Front door: do not change or modify your front door without written permission from the Permissions team who can be contacted at They will give you information on the standard a new door should reach. The front door should be fire resistant for a minimum of 30 minutes. Your letterbox must be fitted with a spring to keep it closed to stop the spread of smoke.
  • Fire detection: you must provide a sufficient amount of smoke detectors within your apartment. They must be maintained according to manufacturers’ instructions. If you have a gas boiler it is prudent to have a carbon monoxide detector installed within your apartment.
  • Emergency lighting: during a fire the lights within your apartment may fail. To help you evacuate safely you must have a maintained back-up lighting system, such as a torch kept by your front door.
  • Evacuation route: make yourself familiar with how to escape the building and where to assemble once you are outside. You are responsible for the safe evacuation of everybody in your apartment. This information can be found on the buildings Fire Action Notice, near the main exit.


Please read the Fire Action Board, located on the notice board. Should you have any questions about the fire procedures please speak to your Property Manager. It is very important that the common areas are always kept clear; residents keeping pushchairs, bicycles or other equipment in these areas present a significant hazard to a safe evacuation. Should there be a fire anyone doing this may be held liable for any consequences that result.

Any equipment that blocks the halls, stairs or landings cannot be permitted or condoned under any circumstances.

Download a free Fire Precautions poster.