What we do

Remus is a managing agent that provides management services to the communal parts of your property or development. We generally act for the resident management company (RMC) or the freehold owner of the property. The RMC or freehold owner is responsible for the upkeep of these communal parts and has appointed us as an agent to assist them in carrying out their responsibilities.

The extent of our services for the communal parts are set by:

  • Best practice to ensure they are managed responsibly.
  • Health and Safety legislation to ensure they are managed safely.
  • The preferences and needs of our clients with regard to how they are managed.
  • The terms of the lease for a property with leasehold ownership.
  • The covenants in the transfer documentation for a property with freehold ownership.
  • Relevant legislation put in place to protect all parties.

In short, we sit between you as the resident and those responsible for the maintenance of the areas of your private estate or property that you are not responsible for.

The services we provide

Depending on what we are asked to do and the type of property or private estate, we generally provide the following services in relation to the common parts:

  • Arranging professional upkeep in line with H&S legislation.
  • Arranging cleaning and gardening.
  • Arranging repairs as necessary.
  • Ensuring relevant insurances are in place.
  • Planning maintenance, redecoration and renewals as these fall due.
  • Appointing, supervising and managing HR and payroll for site staff (such as a concierge) where appropriate.
  • Ensuring that local, competent and cost-effective contractors and service providers are on hand when required.
  • Liaising, where necessary, with warranty providers, original contractors, insurance brokers, neighbouring properties, the emergency services, the local authority or local interest groups on behalf of the residents or our clients.
  • Setting the annual budget for the cost of upkeep of the common parts.
  • Collecting the service charge or estate charge to balance the books.
  • Accounting for all receipts and payments, together with all the necessary record keeping, maintenance of ring-fenced banking arrangements and reporting.
  • Regular site visits and inspections.
  • Reporting to our clients as required on the services provided.
  • Responding to residents' service requests or other concerns.
  • Informing and holding meetings with residents and clients as and when required.
  • Assisting our clients with regard to their statutory obligations and acting on their behalf to carry these out as required.
  • Liaising with solicitors with regard to conveyancing enquiries.
  • Providing a portal with information for clients and customers.
  • Providing a responsive 24/7 service.

Local service with national support

Your local regional office is your main point of day-to-day contact. This office is led by a regional manager who has responsibility over the local team of property management professionals. Your property will have a dedicated property manager supported by an assistant property manager, both of whom are based within your local office. This team is backed up by a centralised support team based in our Salisbury head office who provide accounting and certain administrative support. Our offices are available between the hours of 8:45am and 5:15pm Monday to Friday.

We can also provide an out-of-hours service for all other times during the week and throughout the weekend such that you can have 24/7 service if you wish.