Freeholder and asset management clients

We recognise that freeholders and asset managers are professional investors that require the expertise of a professional managing agent. A professional managing agent can relieve them of the burden of day-to-day management and offer up-to-date advice on the requirements of ever-increasing statutory legislation.

We work with a range of freehold clients and few agents can match our reach, local expertise and responsiveness. Our network of teams across the country is a big advantage as we are where your investments are, no matter how small.

To manage consistency of approach, we can offer a bespoke management service for your properties with a dedicated national account manager. Contact us today to find out how we work with our existing larger freeholders and asset managers.

In addition to our full suite of management services, we can:

  • Manage your ground rent collections.
  • Accept notices of registration relating to changes in ownership of individual flats.
  • Deal with permissions for sub-letting.
  • Negotiate the sale of freeholds or lease extensions on your behalf.
  • Advise on deeds of variation and lease permissions.
  • Provide a centralised account management structure to suit you.

Unlike most smaller agencies, we can also call on professional members of the wider group to help you with a range of other matters. Rest assured we are a full service agency with the experience and ability to deliver for you. 

Selling a freehold?

We are retained by a number of freeholder landlords, who are constantly looking to increase their investment portfolios. Should you own the freehold of a block and be interested in selling, we will be happy to advise and to put you in touch with our clients.

Contact us today to find out how we can help you