Our customer and client charter

Put simply, our customer and client charter is our commitment to you when working with us. It reflects the behaviour and customer service you can expect in all of your dealings with us.

Safety First

Our Remus teams are committed to a stringent health and safety management system for how we provide our services and that of the contractors we use. Together with our clients, we will endeavour to provide a property or estate that is managed as safely as possible for you and your family.


Sometimes it can be difficult to relate what you are asked to pay to your usage of the communal parts or managed areas of your estate. We understand this and will be fully open with you when explaining everything. You can expect us to speak plainly to you about all aspects of the property services we provide or arrange. If your issue is outside of our control, we will advise to the best of our ability.


If we don’t meet your expectations, please call us. You can expect that we will be able to resolve most of the issues you are facing over the telephone or to put steps in place to do so immediately after the call. You should not expect to have to follow this up after the call is made unless further clarification is required. If you prefer to email or write to us, you may not get an immediate response, as you would by calling us, but you can expect this communication to be reviewed and responded to as soon as practically possible.

Value for money

We cannot control all of the components of your property service charge or estate charge, nor do we determine the full cost. What we will do is carefully select and manage the service providers used for all of the elements we can control. We will not continue to use contractors that do not provide value for money. We will not select the lowest quote all of the time, we will select the provider that is the most cost effective.

Working in partnership

We are committed to working closely with our residents and clients to provide a responsibly managed property for your benefit. This cannot work without listening to the needs and wants of residents and clients alike. We will involve our clients in the bigger decisions all of the time. We will actively listen to residents, seek feedback regularly and use this to inform decisions on how the property is managed.