Nurturing a community that has roots

As part of the management services we provide for our Developer clients, from the point a development is contracted to Remus, comprehensive support from us ensures that our working relationship stays strong and that we are meeting the client's expectations, from snagging to planning out allotments. From the inclusion of parish councils to liaising with canal authorities – we are experienced in a variety of setups of estates. 

Getting the welcome right

Managing complex green infrastructure whilst developing a strong community takes years of expertise, and we've been doing that for over 30 years.

Through a range of welcoming information pieces that we provide to the sales office, new homeowners know who we are and what we'll be doing for them even before they sign the papers. We make sure that everything is explained, so they can feel comfortable with the Service Charge, and it doesn't stop there. From welcome meetings to open surgeries, customer portal to Annual General Meetings (AGMs) we give every opportunity to converse with residents and listen to their needs. Our regional approach helps to form a relationship with their property team right from the start so they know that they will deal with the same people every time they contact us.

If an RMC is in place, when handed over to residential control we work closely with any elected Directors to assist in their role as the development’s voice. With quarterly meetings and bespoke reporting, our relationships with our clients build the basis of our reputation.

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