How to become a contractor for Remus

We understand that different contractors will require different levels of support when it comes to health and safety.

We prefer to work with local, smaller contractors, wherever possible, as they tend to provide a higher quality and more cost-effective service. While these contractors will be working to health and safety regulations, they may not have the paperwork in place to prove it and we do not want the lack of admin support to prevent us from being able to work with competent contractors.

Therefore, Remus work with Ellis, Sloane & Co. to offer three different routes for contractors to become approved by us:

1. Competent person

Offered by Ellis, Sloane & Co., this service is designed especially for contractors who do not have their own health and safety person and need help with risk assessments and policies.

Annual fees start from £250 and contractors will benefit from a range of services, depending on the package selected, including:

  • Health and safety policy produced specifically for their business
  • Bespoke risk assessment and method statements
  • Help with safe contractor accreditation
  • Access to a wide range of online health and safety training courses
  • Annual site visit from their dedicated consultant
  • Desktop health and safety audit to chart progress and show continuous improvement

Contractors who use this service will be added to our approved contractor list and can, of course, use the documents produced by Ellis, Sloane & Co. for any other clients.

For more information, contact

2. CHAS Accreditation

CHAS is one of the founding members of third party H&S pre-qualification schemes. Contractors can register with CHAS and submit health and safety and insurance documentation for independent approval.

Once approved by CHAS, Remus and Ellis, Sloane & Co, will automatically be notified (if registering through the link below). In addition, contractors will become visible to over 1000 companies who use CHAS to check their contractors and so opening up opportunities to secure new business.

If a contractor already has CHAS Accreditation, all they need to do is send a copy of their current certificate to Ellis, Sloane & Co.

Find out more and register for CHAS Accreditation

(Please note, if you register for CHAS Accreditation through a different link, you will need to let Ellis, Sloane & Co. know when approval has been granted.)

3. Approved for Remus Management

Ideal for contractors who have access to a health and safety competent person and are confident in producing their own health and safety documentation.

In return for a small fee to cover the cost of administration, Ellis, Sloane & Co. will check a contractor’s health and safety documents to the same standard required by CHAS and other third-party accreditation schemes. Once all paperwork has been submitted (including a contractor questionnaire) and approved, the contractor will be added to the Remus approved contractor list.

For more information and a copy of the contractor questionnaire, contact