Resident management companies

Because we understand the potential difficulties, pitfalls and responsibilities of running a limited company, we can relieve you of concerns such as these:

Running a resident management company (RMC) is rarely as straightforward as it seems when it comes to administering the affairs of your property. There are compromises to be made, cash flow to be managed, forward planning, accounting, ever-increasing legislation and all sorts of day-to-day issues that arise needing your time and attention.

We can help you with all of this, and more!

We work proactively with resident directors of management companies carrying out a full suite of outsourced services on behalf of the RMC. We also provide advice and assistance so that director duties can be carried out competently. We will be on hand to work with you every step of the way.

How we differ to other managing agents

National presence, local promise

We are where you are, whether it's a localised solution in Plymouth or a regional/national account management strategy. Rather than relying on a compliment of homeworkers with varying levels of experience, our regional teams work from a dedicated office in your region, each with a highly experienced regional manager and a team of property professionals. In addition, each regional team has the backing of senior management who are on hand to assist you if necessary.

Unlike most smaller agencies, we have a range of professional members within the the wider group, including a dedicated Health & Safety team. Rest assured we are a full service agency with the experience and ability to deliver for you.


In an increasingly complex environment, we invest in the right resources, capability and technology to ensure we're ahead of the competition. Strong, long-lasting client relationships have been built on their confidence in our ability to deliver a wide range of skillsets and competencies.


We manage many of our business functions centrally, leaving our regional teams free to focus on what they need to; commitment to their properties, our residents and our clients.


We have been providing services to the property sector since 1990. Our leadership team have been in the industry for over 50 years, while our regional managers have a combined industry experience of over 120 years. 


Fexco is the group's backing company, and was established over 50 years ago. It has been providing innovative solutions to a wide range of industries and business sectors since the 1980s and has been doing business in the UK for over 35 years. Having successfully grown the largest residential management group in Australia; Prudential Investment Company of Australia Pty Limited (PICA) who currently have 280,000 homes under their management. PICA is an Australian national property services company that remains one of the most reputable and financially stable companies in Australia. Fexco are now bringing this wealth of expertise and knowledge to the UK market, and together the combined experience of the group, amounts to the largest service provider in the UK. You can be reassured by our solid financial backing, larger scale business competency and robust governance processes that come with being part of a larger organisation.


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