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How We Support Resident Management Companies (RMCs)

Giving Directors of resident management companies freedom from the day to day concerns. Our full suite of services keep the environment that you and your family live in are kept clean and safe.

We have the facility of negotiating lower rates for buildings insurance, so management companies can share the benefits of our buying power. We can also arrange for directors and officers liability insurance to protect the directors of the management company against any claims for negligence.

We will meet with the Directors of the management company on a regular basis to discuss and advise on:

  • The liabilities and responsibilities of Directors
  • The preparation of annual budgets
  • The collection of service charges
  • Bad debt collection
  • Maintenance of client accounts
  • Minor repairs
  • Cyclical maintenance programmes
  • Annual preparation of service charge accounts

Additional services

In addition, if required, we will:

  • Arrange for the maintenance of the statutory books and records for the management company, including the various returns that must be filed at Companies House
  • Attend the annual meeting of shareholders
  • Arrange for the issue of new share certificates when a flat is sold
  • Liaise with accountants concerning the statutory accounts of the management company, the filing of any tax returns, and the payment of any tax due