Some of the reviews received from our clients and customers.

As a result of the great work ethic that is instilled across the group, we're delighted to receive feedback such as this...


Teamwork with customer-focus

"I just wanted to report back and send a big ‘thank you’.

Jacqui mailed me yesterday afternoon, there was a long thread that included comments from Terry Patch, Bill Shuter and Robert Chapman. I really didn’t expect to have five people listen carefully, discuss and respond to my question so quickly and professionally. I was expecting: no response, slow response, no idea what you’re talking about, talk to your conveyancer or some other form of ‘no’.

The background is we’ve been trying to buy a family home for almost 4 years. Having failed to put a chain together we sold our old house and have been in a rental with no garden for almost two years. Discovering that they may be a critical defect with title having agreed the purchase was heartbreaking and we were desperate to find out if this could be resolved. Reading some of the angry reviews for Remus my heart sank again, I just felt there was no way a faceless management company would even understand the issue let alone be part of the solution.

My faith is restored and I really am very thankful to all five of you. Many people talk about joined-up teams, professionality and customer focus, not so many actually do it.

You should all be proud of your team."

Davey S.

Good service

"I moved to Melba about five years ago and always had great service with Chelmsford office when I’ve called with issues. The women on the phone are lovely and Charlotte has been particularly helpful over the years and organised repairs really quickly for all of us here. People should say thank you more." C. Bunyan

Super helpful and getting things done...

"On multiple occasions have been dealing with Kim who was super helpful, going above and beyond to answer my queries and resolve issues with my flat. There hasn't been a time when I was let down by Remus in the past 4 years. Thanks and keep up the good work!" Lucas.

Keeping customers informed

"Having moved to the DWH Newbury Racecourse Development over 2 years ago I have always had excellent service from the Remus onsite staff regarding any Maintenance or Accounts issues. When I have a problem I normally visit the office in person and it has been dealt with efficiently or I’m given the relevant person who I should contact. When I moved in I was given an information pack with all the details of the apartment and estate, manufacturers of equipment, parking and who to contact for maintenance etc. I’m not sure that all the leaseholders who rent their property pass this on to the tenants so Remus has to deal with a lot of additional inquiries because of this - also complaints from properties that are not managed by Remus but tenants still go to the office. It’s good that we have the benefit of an onsite office and local people to deal with who understands the issues as many developments don’t." David

Always available

"Remus took over the running of my road's management company a couple of years ago and is doing a cracking job. always available, great attention to detail, thorough job and all done with a sunny disposition. Already indispensable" N. Cook

Thank you Esme

"We are writing this review to say thank you to Esme Wadsworth who is the Senior Property Manager at the Brighton office. We have found her to be very efficient and responsive. Any issues have been dealt with promptly in a considerate and professional manner." Chris & Caroline

Very helpful

"The staff was very helpful and response very quick. great support." Tony

Pleasantly surprised 5*

"I have been pleasantly surprised with Remus (in particular the Plymouth office). Our property manager has been very professional, assessed the building and arranged the yearly budget to try and fix the failings of our previous company. Communication has been excellent and I can only hope it continues into the future." Mark

Reliable Remus

"Esme at Remus was quick to reply to my email and the important points within it concerning the issues I have with the block that they manage and I live in. All very professional and all dealt with in a very good manner and progress made on a number of points. For reliable property management better use Remus" M Sippam

Running smoothly

"I thought it a most successful meeting yesterday (5th). It was particularly good to meet you and your impressively knowledgeable colleague - a real pleasure in fact - and it made things go so smoothly." Andrew

Long-lasting contractor relationships

"We have very much enjoyed working for Remus and I'm going to be honest, it has been very hard for me to say goodbye as I first made contact with one of your past managers 10 years ago!! You are doing a great job and are an asset to Remus, it is always difficult when you join a new company but I think you are an excellent manager. Keep up the good work and I wish you all the very best for the future. I'll put in my last invoices at the end of March." Amanda (Contractor)

Helpful, prompt and professional service

I am glad to have the opportunity to provide feedback. Since we purchased our flat, the Remus team (led by Maggie James) has been extremely helpful on every occasion we contacted them. We feel that everything is communicated to us properly and promptly, and every single time there was an issue to be sorted Maggie or the rest of the staff in her absence have been extremely helpful - whether it was an inquiry or a problem that needed sorting out. Excellent and very helpful, professional service!” 
Nik G

Working with complex sites

"Cala Homes (South Home Counties) Ltd have worked with Remus for a number of years now and it has been a very refreshing process. Having dealt with many different property management companies over the years, it is a welcome relief that we can put our faith in a competent company that get results. We work closely together from the initial stages to get an action plan together that works for both sides and nothing is ever too much hassle. Remus has always been extremely helpful with some of our more complex sites and we look forward to continuing to work with them in the future."
Michelle G., Sales Co-ordinator, Cala Homes

Great customer service

"You are a star not just for resolving the issue but for your continued great customer service, you go above and beyond and I truly appreciate that. You have always been so helpful and hands-on which for me as a homeowner is all I ask for from a managing agent that looks after the property I have invested in. I genuinely wouldn’t have even approached Remus if I was at fault. This was an unforeseen circumstance and I am grateful that Link Parking has acknowledged that."
Ms Edridge, Fountain Court

Assisting new developments

"Careys New Homes has been working with Remus Management Limited for 13 years. During this time Remus has assisted us on a wide range of development types including full apartment schemes and housing estates with large amounts of public open space. The advice Remus has given us has been invaluable in assisting us to design our developments to optimise the space available and ensure easy maintenance once the developments are complete.

We have worked with four different regional offices and found the level of service consistently good from each office. Handovers of our developments have always gone smoothly and Remus has assisted us in delivering the best possible standards in all managed areas. The estimated service charge budgets have also always been realistic and achievable ensuring post-occupation customer satisfaction and no surprises! We continue to engage Remus Management at an early stage on all our developments and always take their advice on board to ensure that we are creating sustainable communities and the best possible environment for our customers."
Andy W., Housing Sales Manager, Careys New Homes

Depth of knowledge

"We have worked with Geoff and the team now for about 12 years now and are always impressed by their depth of knowledge about building management. Combined with their pro-active positive approach to customer service we have no hesitation in appointing Remus across many of our new developments."
James B., Taylor Wimpey, Bristol

Focus on residents

"I can confirm that we have actively worked with Remus over a number of years and have always found them to be proactive and positive in their approach in their role as managing agents. They take an informed and balanced approach to development management with a clear focus on the resident's needs.

Their budgeting is considered and they actively work with us to secure handover of the developments so that they can be passed to residents' control as quickly as possible thereby securing the on going involvement of the residents in the management of what is their development.

We work them on a number of varied schemes all with different scopes from complex apartment schemes through to road and POS management, which they actively take in their stride and we have always found that they work with both Persimmon as developer and the residents to ensure any issues or outstanding works are address quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively."
Karl E., Technical Director, Persimmon Homes South Coast

Efficient processes

"We have recently appointed Remus Management on our development in Sissinghurst which comprises 60 residential units with associated landscaping and private roads. Remus has been very proactive in tendering for upcoming sites within our region and have made a very positive first impression. We were very impressed with the attitude and efficiency during the tendering process and ability to provide a very competitive and detailed tender in comparison to other leading management companies. I look forward to working with them leading into the handover process at Sissinghurst and can only hope that my experience so far continues in the same manner.’’
Charlie S., Assistant Development Manager, Countryside Properties, Housebuilding (South)

Continual improvement

"I would like to take this opportunity in thanking the team at Remus for the recent credit forwarded to leaseholders in connection with the underspend on maintenance for 2017/18. Its been a very difficult time with estate lobbying with regards to service charging on the estate but I personally feel there is a lot at stake to transfer to alternative managing of the estate. Once again thank you for the service and attention in trying to upkeep New Cardington. Many thanks for your consideration/attention and keep up the good work Cheryl - there has been an improvement from Remus Management since your appointment."
Rick Bransby

Maintaining a nice place to live

"Thankfully we choose you to look after Lock Keepers and in your capable hands, there will be enjoyment for existing and new owners. Thank you for turning this lovely block around - much appreciated. Many Thanks."
Dawn, Lock Keepers Court



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