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Complaints handling

While we try our hardest to ensure that your property is managed to the satisfaction of all the residents, there are times when we cannot fully satisfy all the residents all of the time or where we are not responsive enough or simply get it wrong. It happens.

Review our Customer and Client Charter to find out more.

If you are experiencing any customer service issues, please CALL US by getting in touch with your local regional office. Generally we can resolve 90% of the issues over the phone or put plans in place to resolve any such issues within an appropriate timescale.

Remember, if we don't know about something, we can't fix it and the best way to tell us is to call us. In addition to this, we are obliged by the codes of practice we follow to have a formal complaints procedure which is set out below:

Stage 1

In the first instance, you should raise your complaint with your Property Manager. They will do their best to resolve the issue, or at least identify a solution within 10 business days. When raising such a complaint it is useful if in any written communication or email you use the word ‘complaint’ in the subject area, and if making the complaint by phone please identify that you are raising the matter as a ‘complaint’ and that it should be logged as such.

Stage 2

In the unlikely event that your issue is not resolved at stage 1 (or your complaint is about a Property Manager), please contact your Regional/Divisional Manager explaining your complaint. It is very important that you mark your letter or email as a ‘Complaint’ so that it may be dealt with quickly and at the appropriate level. Your Regional Manager will then make contact with you to offer an appointment to discuss the matter.

Stage 3

If stage 1 and 2 do not resolve the complaint (or the complaint is about a Regional/Divisional Manager, an Admin issue or an Accounts issue) please write to the Director(s) of your property (this can be done by email explaining the complaint. Please mark your letter as a ‘Formal Complaint’ so that it may be dealt with quickly and at the appropriate level. The Directors will ask the relevant Senior Manager to investigate the complaint and respond within 10 business days. The Director(s) will then follow up on the satisfactory resolution of the complaint.

Stage 4

Remus is a member of The Property Ombudsman Scheme ( If we cannot resolve your complaint to your satisfaction following the stages 1-3 outlined above, you are welcome to ask the ombudsman to take a look. The advantage of the ombudsman is that they will look at the matter with a fresh and totally unbiased view. The ombudsman will review your issue after you have exhausted the stages set out above.