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Fire precautions

Important information: Fire precautions & emergency plan for apartment blocks

Please read carefully as death, injury & legal liability may result from failure to comply.

If you have a balcony of any type, please also read our health & safety Balconies Guidelines. 

Leaseholder responsibilities & requirements

You are responsible for the following:

  • Fire prevention
  • Fire detection by maintaining smoke detectors according to manufacturers instructions
  • Evacuation of all people in your apartment

If you sublet the apartment you must ensure that all your tenants are familiar with and understand this information. As a requirement of your leasehold you must consider the following matters in accordance with current Fire Regulations and Guidance. Failure to follow this guidance will put the lives of yourself and others at risk.

Alterations to your apartment: do not make any alterations to your apartment which may reduce its ability to withstand or contain a fire, for example, drilling holes through walls.

  • Front door: do not change or modify your front door without written permission from the Permissions team who can be contacted at They will give you information on the standard a new door should reach. The front door should be fire resistant for a minimum of 30 minutes. Your letterbox must be fitted with a spring to keep it closed to stop the spread of smoke.
  • Fire detection: you must provide a sufficient amount of smoke detectors within your apartment. They must be maintained according to manufacturers’ instructions. If you have a gas boiler it is prudent to have a carbon monoxide detector installed within your apartment.
  • Emergency lighting: during a fire the lights within your apartment may fail. To help you evacuate safely you must have a maintained back-up lighting system, such as a torch kept by your front door.
  • Evacuation route: make yourself familiar with how to escape the building and where to assemble once you are outside. You are responsible for the safe evacuation of everybody in your apartment. This information can be found on the buildings Fire Action Notice, near the main exit.


Please read the Fire Action Board, located on the notice board. Should you have any questions about the fire procedures please speak to your Property Manager. It is very important that the common areas are always kept clear; residents keeping pushchairs, bicycles or other equipment in these areas present a significant hazard to a safe evacuation. Should there be a fire anyone doing this may be held liable for any consequences that result.

Any equipment that blocks the halls, stairs or landings cannot be permitted or condoned under any circumstances.

Download a free Fire Precautions poster.

Balconies Guidelines

Our advice and guidelines if you have balconies on your building 

Generally, to ensure safety at all times we advise that you follow these guidelines:


  • Fix additional timber or combustible screening or flooring to the balcony (this includes artificial grass or similar).
  • Fix fairy lights to the balcony.
  • Try to clean the outer face of the glass by reaching over.
  • Allow anyone to climb or lean over the balcony, or leave children unattended.
  • Allow heavy objects to penetrate or sit against the glass or be forced between the steel balustrades/railings.
  • Force anything in-between or connect anything to the balustrade.
  • Use the balcony as a barbeque area or use any other appliance that emits a naked flame or intense heat.
  • Use the balcony as a fire pit.
  • Rely on insect screens as safety devices.


  • Any type of naked flame and how you dispose of hot materials, either within your apartment or on a balcony.
  • Weight guidelines for your balcony, should you need information regarding this, please get in touch with your property manager.
  • Ensuring that children are not allowed near the balcony unsupervised and do not under-estimate their mobility.


  • Limit the amount of storage kept on balconies and do not store waste items such as old mattresses and cardboard recycling on the balcony.
  • Regularly check the surfaces, flooring, glass and railings to ensure that they are safe and not in need of repair.
  • Keep decking clean to remove algae or dead leaves which could cause the surface to be slippery.
  • Maintain any window and door safety devices and ensure you inspect, clean and maintain your balcony for any damage, loose fixings, weaknesses in any glass or any part of the structure of the balcony.

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Coronavirus advice from Remus Management Ltd 30.03.20

Monday, 30 March 2020

Dear Homeowner

Re: Coronavirus advice

We are contacting you today to give you some useful information regarding the Coronavirus situation and to inform you of the steps that we are taking to minimise the risk of infection for our residents and our staff. These decisions have been made following the latest guidance issued by government agencies. Above all, we will do our very best to ensure continuity, however, the measures that we will be putting in place involve a few changes that may affect you, as outlined in this letter.

As of immediate effect:

Following the latest government advice for UK employers, some of our staff are now working from home to enable us to maintain services. We have implemented all the necessary IT equipment and processes to keep the management of your property flowing, however this may affect response times, and we ask for your patience during this phase.

We are suggesting to clients that AGMs and resident meetings are postponed in line with advice on maintaining social distance and consequently, our property managers may not be available to attend any of these types of meetings in person.


To enable us to communicate with our clients collectively we will be making a conference calling system available where feasible. Where developments have site staff we will be keeping in touch with staff on a regular basis to provide them with as much support as possible and reviewing their duties. It may well be that we have to amend the work they currently undertake; we will attempt to keep everyone advised of any changes.

Our advice to you:

There may be some disruption to the Royal Mail postal system in the coming months, so to avoid any missed mail, if you haven’t already provided us with an email address can we ask that you do so.

Please email the address below so that we can get you set up with email correspondence to switch to email correspondence.

You’ll be able to manage your property, view documents, see all communications and make secure payments without ever missing a letter. To stay safe, we advise you to follow the latest World Health Organisation (WHO) guidelines:

  • Wash your hands with hot running water and soap (or sanitising hand wash) for a minimum of 20 seconds before and after touching communal surfaces
  • Avoid touching your face
  • Regularly clean communal surfaces such as door handles, handrails and phones with a disinfectant solution
  • Keep a social distance of 1 meter when in public
  • Avoid crowded spaces, although the latest guidelines do not include avoiding public transport at the moment

Full details of symptoms and the measures you can take to avoid becoming infected can be found here:

And finally, we aim to keep you informed with all of the latest updates and information and guidance posters, which can be quickly accessed via our home page or the link below:

Should you have any queries or immediate concerns please contact us on 01722 328 685 or email

Yours faithfully
Remus Management Limited















How to make working from home, work for you.

It’s a question on many people’s minds right now as we all adjust to a culture change. We’ve put together a few simple tips that might help your day:

  1. Try to keep to your normal working routine – set the alarm and get up (sack the snooze)!
  2. Park the PJs – studies show that when you dress to work, you function better. No need to suit and boot obviously but maybe ditch the dungarees.
  3. Make a list. A visual reminder of the day’s tasks or projects will help to keep you focussed and productive.
  4. Keep a clock handy. It’s easy to let the day run on when we don’t have people saying “just popping out for lunch”.
  5. Take regular breaks away from the desk, and include one decent break outdoors, maybe a lunchtime walk or bike ride, or just run around your garden! (Yes this is a thing!). If you really can’t get out, then make it useful by prepping supper or phone or skype a friend or relative – anything so your mind is off work.
  6. Have some ‘me time’. Usually, the journey home from the office is a chance to wind down. Without this, there’s a tendency to go straight from work to household chores or dealing with cooped up bored children. Have a breather, even if that means staying in your home office but listening to music or catching up on social news (with the laptop firmly shut).
  7. NHS Every Mind Matters is full of ideas and practical tips to keep your spirits lifted. Review what’s available to help.
  8. CPD: Now is a good time to start logging some CPD, particularly if you are furloughed. Remember no matter what your profession, all CPD programmes include an allowance for reading around relevant topics or industry topics. Google is your friend.
  9. Use more video. It’s been proven that face to face interactions are far more positive on the mood. Stay in touch with your colleagues via any of the many online conferencing platforms and apps, such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom and Skype.
  10. Pick up the phone. Before you write that email stop and think if a call will do the same job. For many lone workers (those living on their own), a call makes their day. 

Stay safe. Stay sane. 

If you have any tips you'd like to share with us please send them to and we'll add them to this blog.

Balcony Guidance at Newbury Racecourse

The following are guidelines that all residents at Newbury Racecourse should follow regarding balcony usage:

  • As per the lease, laundry is not permitted to be hung from balconies or in communal areas.
  • It is not permitted to erect screens on the balconies of any kind due to potential fire hazards.
  • To Use the balcony only for the purpose of quiet enjoyment and not to be used in a manner that will not cause a nuisance to others.
  • No lights other than those installed during construction can be on the balconies.
  • No Barbecues of any type may be stored or used on the balcony or within the grounds of the development.
  • No patio Heaters of any kind.
  • No items that will cause a nuisance may be stored on the balcony such as bicycles as they can cause damage to communal areas when brought into and out of the property and deposit oil and dirt on the commercial carpet.
  • The balconies remain under the ownership of the management company.

Portal Maintenance

The Remus Portal is currently undergoing essential maintenance. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause. If you have any queries please contact your property manager. 

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