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Cladding update

Posted Monday, July 6, 2020


According to a recent report by the Commons Housing, Communities and Local Government Committee - for those having to deal with potentially unsafe cladding on their building - the financial support “will fall far short of what is needed”. This could mean that amount of money reserved will not be enough to remediate every building and no one is currently sure what the government's selection criteria will be. With the deadline looming, and the likelihood that applications will heavily outweigh available funds, it could be a mad dash for eligibility.

One of the conditions is that work must be able to start before the end of March 2021, this means that a survey and assembly of the project management team to organise any works required as a result of the survey must be done and in place this Autumn 2020 (at the latest).

Our advice to clients is to proceed with arranging surveys and not wait for the awarding of funds. The sooner a survey establishes whether the building is deemed 'at risk' the better. 


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