Open Space Management

Maintaining your estate’s public open spaces is so valuable for your residents and your property. As a property management company, we see the benefit of nurturing these spaces every day and the impact it has on daily life.

What’s included in open space management?

Our experienced Managing Agents know exactly how to nurture public open spaces for a thriving community. We achieve this by:

  • Working alongside Developers and Resident Management companies to plan long-term community engagement strategies
  • Improving spaces’ suitability based on residents’ needs
  • Creating bespoke maintenance plans for spaces that are unusual or have heritage assets
  • Considering the individual needs of the space
  • Using capable teams that are used to handling complex green infrastructure
  • Relying on expertise that includes management of MUGA, LEAPS, LAPS, NEAPS, Doorstep Play and more.

Why is placemaking so important?

The term ‘placemaking’ is thought to have originated in the 70s, when planners and architects started to see the value of improving open spaces for community purposes. Today, there’s even more reasons to invest in open space management:

  • More and more residents are choosing to live in communities that provide green spaces and allow them to engage in outdoor activities
  • Increasing biodiversity and stewardship
  • Placemaking creates value and makes your development more desirable. Long-term, we see properties retain and increase their value
  • Properties with desirable open spaces are easier to sell.

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