Nurturing communities through well maintained green spaces

Why is placemaking so important?

  • As the global population continues to rise, people are increasingly choosing to live in thriving communities that provide green spaces they can use for a variety of outdoor activities.
  • Developers with sites including Public Open Spaces (POS) require a managing agent that is confident and familiar with nurturing these spaces, and capable of taking over stewardship of the development. Often, this is referred to as 'Placemaking'.
  • The term 'Placemaking' is thought to have originated around the 1970s when planners and architects started to see the potential of reimagining open spaces for community purposes.
  • The first example of this was the public square – a centralised place for people to enjoy common pursuits and interact. Placemaking is therefore the task of making an area look and feel attractive to the people who live or visit there and can now apply to large-scale, national, or city-wide developments, as well as small street-level initiatives.

Increasing property value

It's not all about creating a great place to live; placemaking creates value. Making developments more desirable makes a property easier to sell, which is good for you, but it also helps retain and increase property value long term, and that's a great message to give to purchasers. 

This is what we do

  • We assist Developers and Resident Management Companies by planning a long-term community engagement strategy from the start.
  • Remus has been working with developers across England and Wales to nurture these green spaces to increase their suitability for the wide range of people who choose to live there.
  • We are experienced in managing and maintaining sites of all nature, as well as those with more unusual needs or those with heritage assets.
  • One of the sites that we manage even has a moat! Our capabilities extend to handling complex green infrastructure, and our approach is to consider the individual needs of the land, with expertise that includes management of MUGA, LEAPS LAPS, NEAPS, Doorstep Play, and more.





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